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Naomi's Topics Include:
  • Reviving Your Life Passion,
    Personally & Professionally
  • Moving from Success to
  • Leadership Training and
  • Inspirational, Change,
    Life Balance
  • Presentation Skills
  • Finishing Every Endeavor Well!
  • Team Building
President of the National Speakers Association, Global Speakers Federation, and Professional Speaker for 30 plus years, Naomi has a unique understanding and collegiality with the Meetings Industry. Serving on the Meetings Industry Council, Naomi sees speaker and meeting planner as colleagues with the goal of serving the audience with excellence, eloquence and entrepreneurial skill. This is ‘The Privilege of the Platform’.

"Our committee is so excited that you will be with us as a featured speaker... this has given me an opportunity to reflect on (the time we've heard) you 'spin your magic.' I treasure the memories of your speeches and seminars over the years. You sure made me look good!" ~Bill Johnson, Meeting Planner, Western Connection

Naomi Rhode, CSP, CSPGlobal, CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame
Past President National Speakers Association
Past president Global Speakers Federation
1997 Cavett Award Winner
2003 Legend of the Speaking Profession Recipient
Ambassador Award Global Speakers Association
Honorary Doctorate 2006
Co-founder of SmartHealth
Speaker, Seminar Leader, Author, Transformational Coach & Emcee
Founder Naomi Global Woman Leadership Institute

602-225-0595 ext. 7221